Mobile Apps Development

The team at Opus creates cutting-edge apps. Furthermore, the mobile app development team can transform your web solution, enabling you to reach users wherever they are, whatever screen they are looking at.

Need a feature-rich, beautiful and easy-to-use mobile app? An app that works flawlessly on all popular platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone? Need a sophisticated web solution to be responsive and reliable on any device? Opus is your partner for development.

Ingenious Mobile Apps

Increasingly customers are spending more time on their smartphones and use mobile apps, with media streaming, in-app games and shopping services on the rise.

Put your products and services at your customers’ fingertips, ensuring they have no reason not to do business with you. The team at Opus delivers innovative mobile apps that will get your business noticed.

Check out examples of our work in Portfolio: Telia, OMD Worldwide, Rovio, Expert, Rahva Raamat, Sorainen, DietBooster

Full Power, Anywhere

Intuitive mobile app design reaches more customers and keeps them using your product over and over again.

The team’s experienced mobile app designers and app developers have crafted award-winning apps and can create you one, too. Furthermore, the app development team is happy to help transform your web-based solution into a fully responsive one, taking the existing business processes and making them work supremely on all devices.

Mobile Apps Development

Our Expertise

Social Media Engagement

Social Media & Engagement

NFC Communications

NFC & Embedded Communications


Geolocation & Security

Media Streaming

Digital Media & Streaming

and many more.

Key Technologies



Android is a mobile operating system (OS) holding 55-60% of the market share. Developed by Google.



iOS is a mobile OS holding 30-35% of the market share. Created and developed by Apple.

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Mobile 10

Windows Mobile is a mobile OS currently holding the 3rd largest market share. Created and developed by Microsoft.

Including native & cross-platform, revamping legacy, implementing payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay) & more

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