Need User Experience Design to Make Your Product Idea Come Alive?

Clever UX design simplifies your business.

Because not only do you need your customers using your products,

you need to make the users love using your products.

Whether for a cutting-edge website or mobile app, the user-centric philosophy of our designers ensures a clever and delightful user experience.

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Superior UX design gets your customers to engage more

A user will experience the look and feel of your product immediately. Great user experience design ensures that your customers will swipe right, create their account, or convert into a daily user.

The team at Opus examines your user journey and questions the process at every stage ensuring a smooth use of your product.

Can your customers log in easily and quickly? Can you capture essential details quickly and painlessly, and not frustrate the users? Is your product simple and satisfying to use? Remember that your product is about the ease of doing business with you as much as the product itself.

Keeping in mind your ideal target audience, the designers at Opus focus on 3 concepts as follows.

User Experience Design
Designing for Excellence


Your product should be revolutionary as much as self-explanatory.

Harnessing Collaboration


Your product should have a deep understanding of your customers’ needs. The product should solve a problem.

User Experience design


Gratify your customer with effortless use of the product and cut boring features.

Enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability and accessibility of your product, ensures they keep using it and spread the word to new potential customers. Because if you do not, customers will find a competitor who does make it easier.

Who benefits from excellent UX design?

e-Commerce website development - entrepreneurs


Getting your idea off the ground with a user-centric perspective whilst establishing your brand as easy-to-use.

e-Commerce website development - small-business

Small Business

Scaling companies accommodating a wider range of users that require product enhancements yet remain customer oriented.

e-Commerce website development - enterprise


Established businesses looking to grow their platform in the digital arena and build easy-to-use features keeping the business ahead of the competition.

Clients who trust our expertise


Opus created an intuitive and responsive site enabling Rovio to showcase their awesome games including Angry Birds.


The team at Opus provided meritorious UX design for IBM’s Social Enterprise web portal.


Opus delivered cutting-edge UX and UI design for SEB Internet Banking. SEB is the largest bank in Scandinavia.

OMD Worldwide

The team at Opus developed OMD’s Cannes and CES Event sites. Opus boosted user engagement with innovative UI as well as UX design.

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