Web Design and Development

Need an exquisite design to keep customers on your site? Opus’ web design gets your users engage more with your business.

Do your site statistics tell that visitors are leaving too quickly? Sales are lost if customers cannot find the right information on your web, and the majority will never return because of a poor viewing experience. Hence your business needs a compelling design solution, including superior UX design and stunning UI.

User Experience

Do you want your customers to engage more with your business?

Our web designers and UX specialists not only optimise your website for conversion, but make it easier to do business with you thus increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Excellent UX design and outstanding UI are both vital to help your website beat the competition.

Check out examples of our work in Portfolio: OMD Worldwide, IBM, Rovio, SEB, Management Events, ERGO Insurance, Tallinn University

Web Design Development

Opus analyses, streamlines and upgrades every point of contact between your business and your customers, giving you a distinct competitive edge with exceptional user-friendly engagement. The full website package!

Designing for Excellence

Designing for

Ensuring Higher Engagement

Ensuring Higher Engagement

Harnessing Collaboration


Increasing Usability


Staying Ahead of the Game

Staying ahead of the game

Key Technologies



Opus uses the WordPress content management system to create exquisite as well as sophisticated websites or blogs.



If you want your site to be minimalistic, clean, and have lots of images or graphics, Opus uses Squarespace’s CMS to create that site for you.

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